Brynhildr in the Darkness midway impression

CaptureHow can a robot voice program express emotion? Wait a second! How is she talking when there is no voice box? (she needs someone to place her hand on the little box).

O_O You can’t even hear the clicks of the buttons!

*I’m referring to the scene where Ryouta is carrying Kana.*

XD Did he just put that paper bag on her head to stop her using that beam?

ok i’m confused? why are the police dressed in special clothing with huge army like cars? far as they know the was a big computer glitch.

You might be saying: “what about the girl tied to the post”

My answer: drunk people do strange things. 

“What about the destruction?”

T_T Is that really a good reason to send the chemical team and specialized vehicles.

Wait a second! The police are storming the park and still don’t see the creepy man messing with the only witness/suspect? They are ether really incompetent policemen or they are in on the project. 

This is what Ryouta is trying to say: “You can’t die, you’re in the opening credits.”.

T_T…….deteriorating gas lines…..really! A gas explosion would not have destroyed to the entire hut.  “it could also be a volcanic eruption”

XD I don’t know what is more funny:

  1. The polices incompetence when it comes to assessing a disaster.


  1. The fact they truly believe that a volcanic eruption could happen without anyone in the area knowing (volcanoes are not known for being discreet).  

You can tell this was written by the same guy who did “elfen lied” because the story randomly comes to a halt in order to tell you what you already know (I understood the first time, You don’t have to hammer it in).

Part from the inconstant boob sizes there isn’t much too this show.

We need to know what these girls are, who programmed them with this technology and why were they pacifically chosen.

They spend so much time on getting an emotional reaction that they neglect to tell us what is going on in the background.


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