Magical Warfare Episode 11 impression

CaptureWill this be the first episode that can avoid say/doing something stupid before the opening?

I would like to draw your attention the car park in the first image of this episode (you’re not getting your car out of there).

Something seems very off with his kendo strikes.

We did it! An opening that doesn’t start with a character say/doing something daft.


Beyond the opening


 Hold up! how did she get out that door?

Kurumi: “What is this place?” You’re in a building! *she always asks the must stupid of questions.*

 You ask “What is this place?” when you are in a different dimension, you ask “where am I?” when you are in an unfamiliar location.

Er… did he fall on her?  She was sitting on a chair by the window and he was standing behind the door. How can they possibly end up on top of each other in the middle of the room??????

Ena and Kurumi look almost the same (it mess’s with your head).


Who leave an entire chicken leg on their plate (did he get his food just so he could bin it?).

If the rooms are constantly changing how can anyone find their way around? Why would anyone want to use this building as the base of operations?

“We’ve had the areas we can actually enter imprinted in our heads” which is different to a map because….logic. 

Er….how doses her magic work? There are no rules when it comes to Kurumi’s magic.

Take the random bad guys hand.

This anime is saying screw you too character consistency.

Takeshi “Why didn’t you tell me mother? “Because you hated her and she hated you (consistency!).


Who keeps a Photo of their friend in a bathing suit on them?

That teleporting devise has change shape 3 times now.

Character consistency, what’s that?  You can’t make them nice towards one good guy and then hostile toward another (I thought they were all friends).

 Everyone is a jerk in the episode.

Good thing on one can hear them making all that sound.

Er..How did his blade end up in the roof?  How did his blade end up in the roof so far away?

I wonder if Gekkou is still roaming the randomly changing paths of this building (it must have been a  fluke the first time he found Kurumi).


T_T what a boring filler episode.

Kurumi could have easily escaped if she just waited for Takao to finish his confiscation with Keppei.


4 responses

  1. I have a review under way for this anime. After watching all, yes all of the episodes. I have quite a bit to say about this anime. To keep it short: starts off promising, then ends as a train wreck. Don’t get me started on the ending.

    1. It was bad from start too end (episode 1 was a disaster zone).

      *People were missing there noses in the first couple of episodes.*

      1. Most anime characters don’t have noses :P. The first episode had it’s glaring issues. But the story kept it going. Till it got midway then it went down hill pretty fast.

      2. Anime characters usually have a dot (mostly episode 2 has the nose problem).

        Don’t know what your getting at?personally I found all the episodes after 7 to be a lot more easier to follow.

        *The only episode that really halts everything is ep11.*

        I despises episode 3! They tell us all this information about Kurumi yet never talk about it again (at worse it make Takeshii look like a bad guy in other episodes).

        episode 3: “Takeshi: I love you Kurumi” *next episode* “Can we stop faking it now.” Y_Y His brother was correct, Takeshi was taking advantage of her low emotional deference.

        Do you remember in episode 6 where they open that portal with the giant key…….with no payoff.
        O_o so pointless!

        There was a pointless filler in the first half.

        ^_^ We could both do a review of it in order to get two different viewpoints (the entire point of a review is to see a show from someone else eyes).

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