Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara midway impression


*plays ds in the background*

Anime: “yandere flag” Me: pardon!
*Re-watched the previous moment.*
Why is it ok to use the mentally ill for comedy?
T-o maybe this anime is trying to saying that yandere’s are murderers that enjoying killing people.
*A short moment that really bugged me.*

 T_T we just reached the end of episode 5 and now you have just randomly decided to tell a story (playing your cards late). 

Has anyone ells notice that the characters sound stiff and flat (everyone has one vocal setting).

*Been playing my ds on the side in order to keep me awake.*  

why don’t male characters have crotch in anime? *A woman can have the world biggest boobs, yet a man can’t have genitals.* 


Give him a crotch!


Is she crying into his crotch?

U-U Finally beat episode 6.

This anime barely passes as average.

The characters all blend into a big mush because none of them have a distinctive personality (they don’t even have character traits). You can’t even differentiate them by how they look.

Let’s just get this show over and done with.

*At least my new anime timetable is working.*

p.s The person in the orange bathing suit is a guy (proof below).



2 responses

  1. What is this anime about??

    1. A guy can see fate flags on people’s heads.

      *It’s just a harem with a poor explored concept.*

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