Nagi no Asukara 75% impression


How does one get lost in an undersea forest? If you’re lost in the wood and you have the ability to fly GO UP! (Don’t walk around mindlessly).

20 episodes in and I still can’t stand Hikari.

However, there is another character in the second half that could beat him for the most annoying brat award *drum roll* ^_^ SAYU!

When she was 8-9 years old you could kind of understand her bratty way of looking at the world…yet, at the age of 13-14 she should have matured a lot more.

“I have always had romantic feelings for him”  You were 8-9 years old!

Why make Miuna grow up and keep Sayu the same?


This anime has amazingly smooth music that complements the world that has been created. But if I was to make one compliant. *“BOOOO!”* hear me out.  

Every line that comes out of our characters mouths has to be overly dramatic (context doesn’t matter).  If this was in English you would be laughing at just how corny/forced a lot of the dramatic moments are. 

*no one talks like that!*

I love the world they live in but, I’m not keen on the characters that inhabit it.

I think they try and overload you with drama in order to distract you from the extremely slow plot (same problem the first half had). 


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