Rail wars! first impression

CaptureLook at all those sexy trains.

When I was reading other peoples reviews of this anime I got the impression that there would be loads of fan-service mixed with train…..I was half right.

* Fan-service is too big of a word*

The way they objectify the ladies in this show comes off more comical then sexy.

Example: all of the ladies have their skirts riding up the butt cracks (I can understand big bottoms but, big butt cracks?).

This show is about trains, trains are cool and you must love these trains with the same passion as are main characters. There is something really enjoyable about seeing are characters getting overly excited about the different types of trains they come across.

Final thoughts: The characters are all stereotypes with very little personality outside of their designs.  *I don’t know how they’re going the balance the objectified ladies with the awesomeness of trains (who comes up with this madness?).*

T-o I don’t like the word woman (never sounds right in my head) and word girl is too undermining.


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