Noragami first impression

CaptureWhy is this rated 15 animax? “INCLUDES SCENES WITH MODERATE SEX REFERENCES AND LANGUAGE!” dose anyone know what this warning is alluding to. 

I finally watched noragami….it was ok.

There was nothing ground braking about it (part for the girls having human sized boobs).

It just came off as a normal Shounen to me.

* Shounen : aimed at boys aged 10-18*

The first episode didn’t grab my imagination, nor did it mange to keep my attention half of the time.

Strait forward characters + Strait forward plot = episodic


Be aware that I read a lot of manga and these types of stories tend to have the blandest characters in the universe (looks at the pretty art boys and girls). If a manga doesn’t have an OT rating it usely means that the characters have the chemistry of a cheap cheese sandwich.

*There are very though rare exceptions to this rule*

It seems to be aiming for older Shounen (14-18), so it might just mange to grab my attention with latter episodes.

The show is about a god that doesn’t have a shrine.

T-o……oh, there is also a girl who can’t keep her soul in her body.

I’m guessing they are going to team up and hilarity ensues.


*I will have to get DB to watch it.* 


5 responses

  1. You’re FINALLY watching it!
    I love that anime(the manga) and yeah, it IS freaking hilarious.
    Especially with Yato. Oh, and yeah, there is PLOT out there, but not with Hiyori. (spoiler alert: its with the goddess on a furry lion and a whip.) At least there IS some. But not that Christina Hendrick level of boobs or Boa Hancock/One Piece post-timeskip boobs. None of that. Now get prepared for the whacky, whacky, slice of life, humor and
    the teeny bit that makes you go awwww romance. And did i mention absolutely kawaii goddesses? But there is STILL fanservice tho. (the bath scene and worst of all, it HAD to be Yukine. Yato is too bastardly for that)

    1. yep, just an absolutely comedic anime i swear you will like. If you’d like more random jokes(literally randomness on crack), the Gintama section is waiting for ya.
      And i LOVE the manga, btw. Putting this on my to-watch list.

      1. and action. Action. Comedy.

      2. You really love this anime.

        first episodes can be very deceiving (^-o hopefully I will understand your love for this anime with later episodes).

        XD I would watch more if skyrim wasn’t so addicting!
        *I don’t get the ps3 to myself that often.*

  2. hell yeah i sure do

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