Occult Academy first impression

CaptureI should class this anime as garbage, yet they somehow made it work….HOW???

This anime is about a high school that has something to do with the occult (that’s all I know).

Story/plot: I’m not sure?

How are we as the audience supposed to be invested in an evil spirit taking over the dead principles body when are main characters don’t give a dam?  

XD Everyone is too willing to kill each other without a second thought (it’s unintentionally funny).  You can’t kill your farther with an axes and then lament about his death in a short montage.    

*Emotionless murder!  Yet she was really expressive with the guy in the car and on the phone (no one talks like that).*

Characters: 2 girls, some background people and black hair girl.


T_o I’m not sure why I felt amused by this anime?  

Was it the cheap feel of the animation/designs? The poor use of atmosphere? Maybe it was the many failed attempts at being funny? (Breaking the mood doesn’t guaranty a laugh).  



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