Glasslip first impression

CaptureThis anime sure loves reusing animation and showing us still images.

This is a quite anime about life…..or maybe it’s about magical glass? I can’t really tell.

In this first episode we were introduced too some charterers (Can’t tell your much about them part from they are humans).  There was a bossy sitter to a grumpy looking guy and a girl with glasses.

T_T I can’t tell what they are going for?

*Is it trying to grab the relaxing day to day life of Non non biyori or is it trying to be like Nagi no asukara with the natural passage of time.*

This was just an unimaginative episode that fails to stand out from the hundreds of other anime’s you could be watching.

*This anime has to be a contender for the blandest opening sequence of 2014.*  


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