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Chaika –The Coffin Princess ending (reaction)

CaptureWhat did you learn today? Answer: Layla likes to go commando.  

*That honestly is the one thing  I remember about this episode.*

The best way I can describe this show is “clucky”. The story seems to feel very forced at time with very little lead up or expiation to where they are or where they are going. How do they know where the body pieces are? Why is the idea of a magical flying ship ludicrous in one episode yet, in the next episode the second army has a flying ship and no one thinks anything of it?  Is the other ship taking advantage of a mining town?

Do they use fossil fuels or magical fuel? (The sub I watched constantly switched between the two).  How does one even create fossilized magic?

I was never surprised by the plot twist because they were ether explain early on and are characters were just to dim to figure it out or  they would be set up so that a cliche scenario could play out (It’s no fun when you can predict everything that is going to happen).

*I call bull on the dragon shedding its skin (there was a fountain of blood).*

I definitely will not be watching the second season of this.

Tribe Cool Crew first impression


Feels like I just watched a trailer for a game on the original playstation.

It has been a long time since the character designs of any anime have just repulsed me. These characters look like they were created by 12 year old’s not someone who spent years studying this stuff in college/university.

The animation in this show is fairly stilted however, they get past this problem by switching to cad animation anytime a dance sequence is needed (it’s really jarring the first time you see it).  But don’t panic about the animation getting worse because this anime love to reuse the same scenes over and over.

I’m guessing this anime must have been made for people with ADD; it’s filled with them cards that indicate a brake (Is that why this anime is only 20 minutes long?).

I don’t really want to watch anymore of this (it’s just music and colour).

beanie update

^-o I can finally post my newest beanie boos.

 1*I found these two yesterday.*

The cats mask feels like lino and the bat is very soft.

Jinxy  birthday: 13th October

Scream birthday:  11th October


I’m really loving these new textures.

Speckles birthday: 1st May

Neptune birthday: 18th May *He looks very distinguished in this photo.*



Out of all the new beanie I have gathered these 3 look the most normal.

Tabitha birthday: 17th December



 U_U I  will try to get an anime post done tomorrow. 

*I wasn’t well this morning  (I’m better now)*

update 27/09/2014: U_U that was exhausting *part 2 D&D*

I’m so sleepy after creating 3 D&D characters (it took 4 hours).

*At least I now know which classes I need to specifically study *

DM log:

  1. I need to gain more conscience when it comes to bucking gaming tables and printing sheets off (in both shops my face was red in embarrassment).
  2. Learn to hold your ground.

I got into a little argument with one of my adventures because he was picking up his dice before I could have a chance to look.

DB: “Don’t you trust me?”

Me: “As dm I need to be able to confirm that is what you got”

  1. I need to sit down and really listen to what players are asking (I had a slight argument over semantics).


I don’t want to have to use DB’s house every time I wish to play D&D (what would I do if he was ill or on holiday?). I have decided that we will have to find a local game shops around are area with the best table rent price.

We found two:

  1. A small shop with 4 tables that charges by the hour.
  2. A 3 level game shop that has many tables and charges £2 per player (after 6pm).

*Both options have there benefits.*

I guess will just have to try both and see which we prefer.


^_^ new beanie boos: Jinxy  and Scream

bonus: XD I just found my camera woop woop!

Think I might post twice tomorrow (one for anime and another for my beanie boo) .

update: 26/9/2014 D&D

This is what happens when someone forces you to run a game for one adventurer (I had tears of laughter having to narrate this).

I wrote it like a poem (that’s why there are no full stops). *i fail to rhyme at many points*
Here is the story of the naughty cleric:


One dark night on a windy trail a cleric and goblin battled who will prevail
Apparently the cleric took the goblin too the pub and slept with him in a bed with a warm hug
The cleric went down stairs and refused to pay, he was hit with a broom on that nice sunny day
He ran to the roof top with such strength and vigor even his landing could not have gone better


The DM plead with this fella: do you want to adventure.
Cleric: they will have me for dinner! I need a team somebody to help me.
So bored with the story the DM did force: he shall meet two priests on his uphill walk
The cleric did beat up the man quite bad
He shouted and pleaded “spare me” as the cleric shouted “kill him now”
He was only just stopped by a young priest lady who pleaded for her friend’s safety


As they did chat dragon cultist did walk by holding bags of random summoning supplies
The priest told the cleric of the horrible things that could happen to the village if they succeed
But the cleric shrugged his shoulders because he did not care
Cleric:“They could just be out for a walk. I’m not to judge. Plus I don’t want to fight that ugly bunch”
The priest was angry with the cleric’s resistance so he tackled a cultist and stalls some materials


Back in the town they were not please for this scared little man had lost the village priest
He was told to look by the lake to find the missing person…
..Which he kicked in the face as he tried to get out of the water
Out of the bush a child did appear “I’m like my papa” standing there in full dragon gear
The cleric didn’t want to bring attention over here so…. he punched that child into next year
The child hit the tree thank to the critical blow coursing his farther to find where he did go


The father was furious at what the cleric had done to his one and only son                                The cleric didn’t care he just wanted freedom                                                                                  Cleric: “take these priests and let me run free”                                                                                  They were all lead off in chain and tied to a tree                                                                              The gods were very angry at what they had seen                                                                               The cleric just stood there tied by the arms and screamed “I hate my annoying gods.”                              I wonder where this will lead


The cultist need sacrifices but was it worth the trouble                                                                   So they burned up the 3 into charred rubble                                                                                     The sky did clear when the cleric was gone                                                                                       We honor his spirit by passing this story along.


Nagi no Asukara ending (reaction)


I didn’t want it to end.

If you don’t like character driven shows don’t watch this (sea slugs move faster than this plot).

*There is nothing wrong with having a character driven show.*

This anime had some of the best use of background music I have hired in a long time. A lot of anime’s that have seen seem to forget that the music is meant to add to the moment not distract us (I could remember the song, but not what was said/happened).

The style and designs of this sea town really helped to set the mood…..too bad they had to ruin it with that disgusting cgi water in the last episode (could have been a budget problem).  ^_o for the most part they were spot on.


*Never really understood how the water world worked (screw physics). *


I never like Hikari and I don’t seem to be the only one.  If you can’t put up with this character you are really going to struggle watching though 26 episode with his annoying whiny voice.  I just wanted to punch him and Sayu into next Tuesday during emotional heavy episodes.

Here is something that really bothered me: Sayu and Miuna say that they have had “romantic” feeling towards theses 14 years old boy since they were little…..they would have been 8-9 years old. Am I the only one who find the idea of a child being “romantically” interested in a teenager creepy?

Part from the odd slip up most of the characters where colourful and managed to give themselves a face outsides of background person number 5.

*I will miss you Nagi no asukara.*

Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara ending (reaction)

CaptureThis anime never did fix its dialogue problem.

This anime had a very bazar transition into its last couple of episodes, it’s not the first time I have seen an anime drastically change its tone but…… *sigh* this is one of those select anime that also tries to change its genre (in short: take are goofy comedy seriously).

I better explain what I mean by dialogue problem (someone got very annoyed with me the first time I brought this up).  Every time characters have to read out exposition they would suddenly loses all there personality traits and become mindless drones reading out loads of dialogue in the most serious (yet uninterested) voice they can come out with.

The biggest gripe I have with this anime is that the last half is not that funny, they are kind of depressing if you take the death plot into consideration.

*I’m glad they picked one girl out of his huge harem.*

Brynhildr in the Darkness ending (reaction)


Well…..that was an interesting ending.

Quick explanation: Most of the girls died (I didn’t really care). There were girls introduced to the group whose only purpose in the show was to die (they lasted 1 and half episodes each).

Long explanation: Aliens, killer organisation, super weapon, lots of melting, reanimation of a dead siblings…….why was this  all squished into 2 episodes?????

*Don’t get me started on the horrible second opening (why?! the show is only 13 episodes long).*

There is no reason for me to even try and explain these last two episodes.

If you really want an example how rushed this was:  Apparently if you press the third button on kana she will be able to walk however, if she choose this she will lose her ability to predict death.

 Now I ask you this: How did kana get from the observatory to the madman’s lab in no time flat? Was she with someone at the observatory? who pressed the button?

I’m going to use the same explanation everyone in the comments had “aliens did it” Or as I and DB would say “its entropy don’t question it.”

Black Bullet ending (reaction)

Capture“I’m evil” T-o …..You do understand that people who are generally called “evil” don’t see themselves as evil.

I can tell you the exact reason why this show failed to keep me invested: The human that inhabit this world are truly unlikable. All this anime had to do was show me just one of the girls turning into a huge monster and I would understand there prejudice.

Let’s talk about “elfen lied” for a moment.  In this show we see human mistreat these girls with horns in vial and disgusting ways (allegory: humans are capable of being just as brutal) however, we see the girls create fear within humans, we see them go on killing sprees and we see how that emotional affects them (they have no control).

The problem with Black Bullet is that the human brutality (beating a cursed blind girl to the brink of death) doesn’t level out with the actions of these girls. The only girl that gives these human any need to worry is Kagetane Hiruko partner and she is still obedient even in her deep murderess trans.

The ending to this anime was needlessly brutal and made very little sense in the long run.

Magical Warfare Episode 12 impression


Here is the final log for magical warfare.

Soooo! His brother can see the future? Or maybe it wasn’t a prediction at all and his brother was just messing with his head.

XD can anyone have nightmares when the killer has the smile of horse with gas.

How did we get to this point anyway, I thought we were in the bad guy’s castle?

*looks up note on last episode* need more information *watches end of episode 11*

OK let me get this straight:  He was walking though the bad guys lair looking for Isoshima at the end of episode 11 and in episode 12 he is running to his house to see if his mum is alive…….there is no transition between them scenes.

His mouth opens for a big yell and nothing comes out.


U-U this is not a good sign (we have not got past the opening).


I don’t care if he is evil I love this guy! How many bad guys can you name that intimidate the opposition by licking their weapons sexually?

what???? If she wanted you killed why did she isolate Takeshi out of the family? Sorry anime but….you’re talking bull. When we started this anime it was implied that accident happened months ago however, in this episode you’re implying that the accident with the car days ago.  Oh! And for your information anime you would break more than a foot if you were hit by a car.

*Do I have to show you the hit me a 30 or the guys ribcage piecing his organs car safety adverts (uk safety advert, giving your children nightmare for generation).*

I like how the shadow in the flash back makes it look more like a big truck then a car.

The better question throughout all of this mess is: why did she try and kill you in the first place?! Can there mother see into the future?

o-o what? WHAT? WHAT?!  You didn’t just play the dream card. Y_Y

O_O are we in a dream with in a dream……what the hell????

“Did you hurt mother?” Well he did have blood on his face until the animator forgot about.

WHY? Explain anime, EXPLAIN?


Good thing nobody is wondering around these streets or there would be a lot of magical people being born at the moment. Didn’t they say in the first episode that they couldn’t use magic in the human world?

But we used to sleep together brother. ^_^

it’s just fighting for the sake of fighting by this point.

Why is kurumi there?  That must mean the big powerful guy they summoned is there too (we can finally see him do something).

Would a stab though the stomach make you bleed though the nose?

Who was forming that magical floating floor?

In the news today thousands of people died in an unexplained motor like impact (the civilian death count is through the roof).

Err….how old is the Takeshi’s mother?  I understand that Kazuma is 17 but, he has also been presumably sleeping for a long time (he must be able to time travel if she is his mother).

Er……….. Guess Kazuma has to be a time travel if any of this is to make sense.

Oh! Now I get it, this is kazuma’s perfect world.


Poor kazuma only got two piece of information explained about his past:

  1. The magical school (good side) threatened to kill his parents if he didn’t use his powerful magic for their own selfish needs.
  2. He was betrayed by his closest friend.

I’m just going to presume he can make dimensions that bend time are reality.

You can tell that this anime is crying out for sequel that will never be made (dose make me want to read the books).

I Guess my next task is to write a review of this series (will have to get DB to help me with that).