Chaika –The Coffin Princess midway impression

CaptureThis anime really dose border between meh and average.  

I was amused by the battles and the plot twists however, these characters are really bland with very redeeming qualities.

*I was falling asleep while watching this.*

I really can’t understand why people rate this show so highly.

There is not much too really say about this anime that hasn’t been said before. *I could try and come up with something.* You have the stage subconscious?

*^_^ I spend hours wondering if Tooru Acura fringe is his real hair or just a tattoo. *

 It does seem a little too flat at times. 


4 responses

  1. Can you tell me what this is about?

    1. There is a girl looking for the the body parts of a dead king.
      If she finds all the pieces the king will presumably come back.

      The destruction of the kings brought piece, so if the king comes back the world will fall back into war.

  2. That sounds interesting…

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