La corda d’oro -Blue Sky- midway impression

CaptureI don’t want to talk about this anime.

Why is the main character so bland?!

*The girls in diabolik lovers and amnesia had more personality.*

Nothing! She dose absolutely nothing! You could completely remove her from the story and nothing would be affected. 

One of my biggest problems with this anime is that we don’t get to see these sexy guys interacting romantically with are lead female.  You might be saying: “but it’s not about the guys, it’s about the magic of music.” If that’s the case why have they given us a lead character’s that has clearly been designed so that you (the existed female) can self-insert yourself into the story?


The animation problem had not improved (how can you call still images with mouth flaps animation).  


I don’t quite understand how magic works in this anime? Dose the magic teleport them to a blissful place or is it just a metaphor for the grace and love that they are putting into each note? I ask this because in one scene the characters are reacting as if the imagery is physical and in another scene they pull crowds of people into their fantasy world.

*The anime could be trying to say that all the people in that room were sharing in there magic moment.* If it’s just meant to be taken as a metaphor why introduce the concept of magic in the first place?  Answer: so they can loosely connect it to La Corda d’Oro ~primo passo~ (they show the statue of Lili constantly).


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  1. So I’ve been away from anime for a while, and I was just wondering if this anime is a sequel to Kiniro no Corda: Primo Passo. I remember liking that anime and ever since I started seeing La Corda d’oro Blue Sky around I’ve been wondering if it was connected.

    1. Kiniro no Corda is La Corda d’oro (cruchyroll likes to translate names).
      *it’s a spin-off of Primo Passo.*

      T-O 金色のコルダ
      The last 3 are in katakana.

      Guess it’s the corda *Ko-ru-da* that confuses translators (Italian).

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