Aldnoah Zero midway impression

CaptureO_o he’s staring into my soul.

This anime is really fun to watch with all the explosions and super robot fights animated in a fascinating way……however, once you look past all the glam there is not much there.

If you go onto mal you will discover that almost all the characters (excluding the princess) have bios that consist of 3 -2 lines.  I had to look this information up because I did not want to sound like a hater when I said this: “most of these characters are not interesting and are easily forgettable.”  

The story….er……there is a war and…..they are bad guys….dead princess that isn’t dead…maybe they planed it?  

From a story stand point this show is not very interesting.  You have the stereotypical bad guys who are evil and like to tell people there plans for no real reason and then you have your good guys who have robots.

additional: You have to love just how forced the story is when they do try and explain it (they are only saying this piece of information so that the audience knows whats going on).

*T_o I really don’t know what to make of this show.* 

U_U I have 3 questions:

  1. Why make the gear noises on her metal arm when it clearly has no gears? It looks like its being held together with bolts (you never hear that gear sound after that one episode). Why does she even have the metal plated arm? If the arm was broken you would want to keep it one potion (heals faster).  How does she even control the arm in that case?

I must have missed something because that arm made very little sense to me.

  1. What did Slaine’s ship crash into? O-o The world’s cleanest sewer….or maybe an indoor paddling pool, what is it? Why was the princess there in the first place? Who walks around dimly lit ruins with a thin layer of water on the floor? Why is nobody watching the young princess?
  1. Why are the uniforms in plastic bags? For that matter, why are they using ipads? They should be rationing power to normal devices so that the robots can be fully charged or repaired. I thought the human where practically hiding from the enemy yet, they can pull freshly made uniforms out of nowhere, staff are on Ipads and they have an interview room where everyone has there own boxed off section (this army needs to sort-out its priorities).

Final thoughts, I don’t think this anime is going to do very well using my scoring system. 

*I would love to give it a high score, but I would just be lying to myself.*

It would get 45% at the moment *sad*.


One response

  1. Had this anime pegged down for a watch, hmm. I’ll give it a try and see what I think. But going by what you said, might not enjoy it.

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