anime diary 07/09/2014

*Not done one of these in a long time.*

You wouldn’t know by reading my blog but, I’m actually more of a manga fan then an anime fan. The artwork tends to be a lot more expressive and don’t have to put up with the constant barrage of seinen being forced down my thought each year.

Manga’s need proper age ratings on them (pacifically books being sold online).

If you look at the amazon description for any manga you will not find any information on whether the content of that book is age appropriate. I have been told many stories of first time buyers who ended up getting the equivalent of soft porn because of there is no rating being displayed. 

Plus I don’t think the T- OT- M rating system works that well anyway. 

They gave spice and wolf an M rating because of the slight nudity, Yet! Monster musume  got an OT for a book filled with explicit moments.  

*The lines starts to blur between 16+ and 18+.*

 At the end of the day that’s just my only personal viewpoint on the matter. 

i just want to know if there is anything off-putting in a manga before I buy it (specially online).  

I found Pokemon typing adventure today.



o-T it’s childish and challenging at the same time.


^_o My friend got me an early birthday present.

note book 

Never owned such a posh looking note book. O_O 


4 responses

  1. Age ratings are helpful, but as you point out not accurate. When it comes to games you’ll often see a game featuring skimpy outfits get higher ratings than ones with mass murder.

  2. You can join the army at 16 yet, you can’t play an army game until you’re 18.
    You can have sex at 16 yet, you can’t buy alcohol until you’re 21.
    *The sex one is even odder seeing as students can’t leave school until the age of 18 years now.*
    You can have real legal sex (in the uk) at 16 yet, you can’t watch/play a game with sex until your 18.

    The rating system makes no sense however, it should be there to to help guide buyers.

    *I bet most people buying OT are not over 16+.*

    Oh well, it’s too late for me! 🙂

    1. The age ratings are only a guide.

      I find that it depends on who published it whether the content is rated OT or M (you can get OT’s that are very close to the knuckle).

      when I started to read OT manga I discovered that I could no longer read T manga (I discovered that the characters were really shallow and unrelatable).

      I recommend watching/reading as many teen manga/anime before hitting that point.

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