Noragami midway impression


This show has really improved since the first episode.

I can see why people call this anime one of the best anime 2014 have to offer this season. I feel a little annoyed that I had to wait awhile before I could watch it on animax but…. I would rather wait a couple of months then not get it at all.

The show is about a god of war that wants people to recognise him as a legitimate god. His biggest dream is to be lavish with loads of money and swarms of girls.

If you can’t tell he is a very vain person who only cares about what other can do for him (he only helps others for money…and maybe a little peer pressure). ^-o it’s perfectly understandable when you learn about his past and the many people that he has killed over the centuries.

I do have a some question that bothers me:

Dose Hiyori just abandon her body wherever it falls?

Why was Yukine a little ghost when he was found yet, the little girl as the bus stop was in human form?

*Tiny questions*


T-o why is Hiyori main character… really, why is she a main character?  She doesn’t really do anything outside of getting in the way or trying to move the plot along (I mostly see her as a supporting character).  I don’t hate her, she just hasn’t been that vital to the plot/story so far.

*Main character should not be easily replaced.*

*How many people suffer with Hiyori’s problem anyway?*

Yukine is fascinating because he is dead and confused (like any one would be).  T-o I think because he is a child he hasn’t come grasped with the fact he his dead and can no longer lead a normal life (indicated by his love for Hiyori).

*I can honestly see an episode where he suddenly realises he will never grow and that he will be in servitude to gods for the rest of eternity.*

Can’t wait to see how this anime ends (might read the manga after this).


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