Momo Kyun Sword midway impression


That was the most shameless plug for a soundtrack I have ever seen!

*Peanut cat for the win.*

This anime can’t keep focus… fact I don’t think it even cares anymore.

Even when you are making a fan service show you can’t ignore your plot in order to make purvey jokes that make no sense.  We have a random beach episode where for some reason the bad guys and good guys get along so that hilarity can take place…..oh, and they shoe horn the plot in at the end…yay????

What about episode 6 where the skittle goddess form an idol group. Will they quit there musical life and start looking for the peach fragments? T_T Does it matter? We have seen momo traveling without them and we know they can fly pretty fast (why can’t they do both).

I can’t even enjoy this on a guilty pleasure level anymore (it’s just getting really dumb).


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