Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun first impression

CaptureI love this shows music!

This anime is a about a girl who wants a guy who is very silent. he writes and publishes shojo manga in a weekly magazine which no one part from one girl believes. The girl get’s dragged into the manga developing process and hilarity ensues.

I can easily believe that there are  people who write shojo have never truly experienced real love/romance (I dislike them with a passion).   There are some good shojo stories that seep through the cracks…. and some that make you wonder “why didn’t they  just write a mature story?”

This anime had me cracking up at just how romantic this tall salient man could be when he is writing however, when he tries to apply them to real life they fail because he is thinking too logically (looks romantic in theory).

Girl: “Will he let me ride on the back of his bike” NO! He told you yesterday that it was illegal to ride like that on the road (that honestly bugged me).

The episode was well passed (which is a rare sight this season).

I don’t know whether I should like are main female: Should I support her goal of gaining this man’s affection? or should I be annoyed by her inability to see that the man is not interested in having a real relationship at the moment?

^_o I hope this anime keeps up the humour in latter episodes.



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