Locodol midway impression

CaptureI’m getting sick and tired of hearing the same song.

This is an average anime that fails to give itself an identity because it’s so focused on being mundane. The most distinctive aspect of this show that managed to stand out in each episode (to my annoyance) was the upbeat music playing in the background.

I would be constantly distracted by this music because the dialogue/ scene never matched up with the upbeat tone they have chosen.  How would you feel if you were watching a death scene and suddenly you hear this: it’s a bright, bright, bight sunshiny day! It would be really out of place and distracting.

*I was singing to the background music at one point.*

This anime has some questionable gags that really don’t fit with the smooth friendship vide the main characters are giving off.  E.g. there is one character taking questionable photos of these young girls and getting a perverted kick out of them (this show thinks that’s funny).


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