Love Live! School Idol Project 2 midway impression

CaptureThis anime is getting on my nerves!

This anime is obsessed with reckoning or strait up contradicting the first season (there wasn’t much there to begin with).

Episode 4: Nico Yazawa wanted to be a super idol.  T_o The first season established her as the president of the Idol Research Club, I repeat IDOL RESEARCH CLUB! Why does this season think we would have forgotten about that????  This season want you to think Nico’s other club members left because of a disagreement within the idol group ….. IDOL RESEARCH CLUB!

Episode 5: Rin Hoshizora doesn’t like wearing skirts/dress. T_T…..then how come she has never had this problem in past episodes?  She has no problem wearing the girl’s school uniform and we have never seen her object to wearing the costumes they performed live in.


You have to love how in the first season all of there performances where realistic and in this season all the stages performances are nonsensical (it doesn’t even feel like the same show).  How did we go from a hart warming anime about a group of girls trying to save their school too an over the top music video with some random character/ festival episodes?

*This entire anime is just a quick cash grab.*

The only upside to this season is that the characters feel a lot more natural and interact more as a unit then a one man band.


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