Nobunaga the Fool ending (reaction)

CaptureDid anyone ells notice that Jeanne’s boobs drastically change in size during the last two episodes?

How does one even start to explain the mess of an ending this show created?  The biggest problem that I could see was that they left the ending with a different ending…..let me explain.

At the end of the episode it is said that the dragon of destruction has gone to heaven *shrug*(did Leonardo da Vinci go to hell?) and the world can now be remade without war and pain…..until the epilogue screws everything up.

Why are they in a high school?

Why are there relics from a different dimension?

Who thought it was a bright idea to reincarnate the dragon of destruction into this new world of piece?

*It’s a complete mess!*

My favourite character did come on top in the end so I can’t be too mad.

What happened to the rest you ask?

Answer: They all died.  

T_o I didn’t like many of the main characters anyway so this violent ending was a little bit satisfying from a personal view.

The last half of this anime was just mindless giant robots fighting with some small slivers of drama forced in there to keep you slightly invested. By the end of this show I did not care what happened too many of these characters, in fact I predicted many of them were going to die just so that last couple of episode didn’t feel so pointless.

There was no reason for this anime to be 24 episodes long and there is no reason to watch past episode 12.  If you want to watch the last 2 episodes do so, you don’t have to know that much in order to understand what is going on.


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