Log Horizon ending (reaction)

CaptureI’m getting sick and tired of anime that just end (brick wall to the face).

This anime dose have an interesting identity that many people strait up ruse to acknowledge just because of it similarities to another show.  I am here to shock them fans who made that presumption because this anime is obsessed with politics and international relationships…..*cricket*T_T I said it was interesting not exciting.

The show did have many moments when it would drag on horrendously slow with very little visual stimuli (your soul slowly drifts from your body).  The upside to all this is that the charterers have distinctive voices that keep your attention along with mature personalities (you can believe these are young adults…for the most part).


They always tried to tackle any problem in the game using real world logic, which means we were never subjected to idiotic game laws that constantly contradicted each other for the sake of looking cool or too drag the plot along.  The show did have its fair share of problems BUT! Even though there were slow sections I still wanted to know: Are they going out? Will his plan work? Wonder what these characters are doing?  Whenever we did get a slow portion in an episode it would be counterbalanced with a more interesting subplot (develop the A plot while keeping us entertained with the B plot).


Seeing as I know there is a season 2 coming soon I don’t have to be too angry with this very open ending….well, it’s not an open ending, but it might as well be.

p.s show’s that contain 24-25 episodes are a real pain when you’re using my viewing system (they take forever to complete).

Additional: Did anyone ells think that the last “bad guy”  stood out too much compared to the other npc we have seen ?


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