Magical Warfare Episode 12 impression


Here is the final log for magical warfare.

Soooo! His brother can see the future? Or maybe it wasn’t a prediction at all and his brother was just messing with his head.

XD can anyone have nightmares when the killer has the smile of horse with gas.

How did we get to this point anyway, I thought we were in the bad guy’s castle?

*looks up note on last episode* need more information *watches end of episode 11*

OK let me get this straight:  He was walking though the bad guys lair looking for Isoshima at the end of episode 11 and in episode 12 he is running to his house to see if his mum is alive…….there is no transition between them scenes.

His mouth opens for a big yell and nothing comes out.


U-U this is not a good sign (we have not got past the opening).


I don’t care if he is evil I love this guy! How many bad guys can you name that intimidate the opposition by licking their weapons sexually?

what???? If she wanted you killed why did she isolate Takeshi out of the family? Sorry anime but….you’re talking bull. When we started this anime it was implied that accident happened months ago however, in this episode you’re implying that the accident with the car days ago.  Oh! And for your information anime you would break more than a foot if you were hit by a car.

*Do I have to show you the hit me a 30 or the guys ribcage piecing his organs car safety adverts (uk safety advert, giving your children nightmare for generation).*

I like how the shadow in the flash back makes it look more like a big truck then a car.

The better question throughout all of this mess is: why did she try and kill you in the first place?! Can there mother see into the future?

o-o what? WHAT? WHAT?!  You didn’t just play the dream card. Y_Y

O_O are we in a dream with in a dream……what the hell????

“Did you hurt mother?” Well he did have blood on his face until the animator forgot about.

WHY? Explain anime, EXPLAIN?


Good thing nobody is wondering around these streets or there would be a lot of magical people being born at the moment. Didn’t they say in the first episode that they couldn’t use magic in the human world?

But we used to sleep together brother. ^_^

it’s just fighting for the sake of fighting by this point.

Why is kurumi there?  That must mean the big powerful guy they summoned is there too (we can finally see him do something).

Would a stab though the stomach make you bleed though the nose?

Who was forming that magical floating floor?

In the news today thousands of people died in an unexplained motor like impact (the civilian death count is through the roof).

Err….how old is the Takeshi’s mother?  I understand that Kazuma is 17 but, he has also been presumably sleeping for a long time (he must be able to time travel if she is his mother).

Er……….. Guess Kazuma has to be a time travel if any of this is to make sense.

Oh! Now I get it, this is kazuma’s perfect world.


Poor kazuma only got two piece of information explained about his past:

  1. The magical school (good side) threatened to kill his parents if he didn’t use his powerful magic for their own selfish needs.
  2. He was betrayed by his closest friend.

I’m just going to presume he can make dimensions that bend time are reality.

You can tell that this anime is crying out for sequel that will never be made (dose make me want to read the books).

I Guess my next task is to write a review of this series (will have to get DB to help me with that).

2 responses

  1. The series missed at least like two to three episodes to explain the transition between epi 11-12. In my up coming review, this is noted (along with everything I’m about to say). The ending, whilst it does scream sequel. The question is: does it really warrant it?. The ending of the two brothers being a time anomaly (of sorts), explains nothing – whilst rushing to end in a vague cliff hanger. As to why one or the other will become Ghost trailers leader, Kazuma. And another thing that bothered me, when did Gekko become far more powerful than Takeshi – in a short amount of time (like a few days) despite he just started using magic (the anime implies this)?. Despite Takeshi spending more time at the school.

    Good review though :). This anime…just plain sucked. Poor execution on almost every level.
    PS: I did notice Mui losing her nose in epi 1 by the way. Good catch ;).

    1. You can’t just skip episodes like that! (this anime was in too much of a hurry to end).

      I think the brothers might be Kazume split into two bodies (all 3 lookalike). one can only make theories with an ending like this.

      *hope they don’t make another season of this.*

      Don’t forget Gekko is evil and they are always more powerful then good (for they have muffins).

      The reason I original decided to log this show was because I realised that the animators and the writer clearly had a hard time communicating to each other (leading to many bazar visual moments).
      *I still think episode 7 was the worst*

      ^_^ Thank you for liking my review and I can’t wait to read your views on this show.

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