Brynhildr in the Darkness ending (reaction)


Well…..that was an interesting ending.

Quick explanation: Most of the girls died (I didn’t really care). There were girls introduced to the group whose only purpose in the show was to die (they lasted 1 and half episodes each).

Long explanation: Aliens, killer organisation, super weapon, lots of melting, reanimation of a dead siblings…….why was this  all squished into 2 episodes?????

*Don’t get me started on the horrible second opening (why?! the show is only 13 episodes long).*

There is no reason for me to even try and explain these last two episodes.

If you really want an example how rushed this was:  Apparently if you press the third button on kana she will be able to walk however, if she choose this she will lose her ability to predict death.

 Now I ask you this: How did kana get from the observatory to the madman’s lab in no time flat? Was she with someone at the observatory? who pressed the button?

I’m going to use the same explanation everyone in the comments had “aliens did it” Or as I and DB would say “its entropy don’t question it.”


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