Nagi no Asukara ending (reaction)


I didn’t want it to end.

If you don’t like character driven shows don’t watch this (sea slugs move faster than this plot).

*There is nothing wrong with having a character driven show.*

This anime had some of the best use of background music I have hired in a long time. A lot of anime’s that have seen seem to forget that the music is meant to add to the moment not distract us (I could remember the song, but not what was said/happened).

The style and designs of this sea town really helped to set the mood…..too bad they had to ruin it with that disgusting cgi water in the last episode (could have been a budget problem).  ^_o for the most part they were spot on.


*Never really understood how the water world worked (screw physics). *


I never like Hikari and I don’t seem to be the only one.  If you can’t put up with this character you are really going to struggle watching though 26 episode with his annoying whiny voice.  I just wanted to punch him and Sayu into next Tuesday during emotional heavy episodes.

Here is something that really bothered me: Sayu and Miuna say that they have had “romantic” feeling towards theses 14 years old boy since they were little…..they would have been 8-9 years old. Am I the only one who find the idea of a child being “romantically” interested in a teenager creepy?

Part from the odd slip up most of the characters where colourful and managed to give themselves a face outsides of background person number 5.

*I will miss you Nagi no asukara.*


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