update: 26/9/2014 D&D

This is what happens when someone forces you to run a game for one adventurer (I had tears of laughter having to narrate this).

I wrote it like a poem (that’s why there are no full stops). *i fail to rhyme at many points*
Here is the story of the naughty cleric:


One dark night on a windy trail a cleric and goblin battled who will prevail
Apparently the cleric took the goblin too the pub and slept with him in a bed with a warm hug
The cleric went down stairs and refused to pay, he was hit with a broom on that nice sunny day
He ran to the roof top with such strength and vigor even his landing could not have gone better


The DM plead with this fella: do you want to adventure.
Cleric: they will have me for dinner! I need a team somebody to help me.
So bored with the story the DM did force: he shall meet two priests on his uphill walk
The cleric did beat up the man quite bad
He shouted and pleaded “spare me” as the cleric shouted “kill him now”
He was only just stopped by a young priest lady who pleaded for her friend’s safety


As they did chat dragon cultist did walk by holding bags of random summoning supplies
The priest told the cleric of the horrible things that could happen to the village if they succeed
But the cleric shrugged his shoulders because he did not care
Cleric:“They could just be out for a walk. I’m not to judge. Plus I don’t want to fight that ugly bunch”
The priest was angry with the cleric’s resistance so he tackled a cultist and stalls some materials


Back in the town they were not please for this scared little man had lost the village priest
He was told to look by the lake to find the missing person…
..Which he kicked in the face as he tried to get out of the water
Out of the bush a child did appear “I’m like my papa” standing there in full dragon gear
The cleric didn’t want to bring attention over here so…. he punched that child into next year
The child hit the tree thank to the critical blow coursing his farther to find where he did go


The father was furious at what the cleric had done to his one and only son                                The cleric didn’t care he just wanted freedom                                                                                  Cleric: “take these priests and let me run free”                                                                                  They were all lead off in chain and tied to a tree                                                                              The gods were very angry at what they had seen                                                                               The cleric just stood there tied by the arms and screamed “I hate my annoying gods.”                              I wonder where this will lead


The cultist need sacrifices but was it worth the trouble                                                                   So they burned up the 3 into charred rubble                                                                                     The sky did clear when the cleric was gone                                                                                       We honor his spirit by passing this story along.



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