update 27/09/2014: U_U that was exhausting *part 2 D&D*

I’m so sleepy after creating 3 D&D characters (it took 4 hours).

*At least I now know which classes I need to specifically study *

DM log:

  1. I need to gain more conscience when it comes to bucking gaming tables and printing sheets off (in both shops my face was red in embarrassment).
  2. Learn to hold your ground.

I got into a little argument with one of my adventures because he was picking up his dice before I could have a chance to look.

DB: “Don’t you trust me?”

Me: “As dm I need to be able to confirm that is what you got”

  1. I need to sit down and really listen to what players are asking (I had a slight argument over semantics).


I don’t want to have to use DB’s house every time I wish to play D&D (what would I do if he was ill or on holiday?). I have decided that we will have to find a local game shops around are area with the best table rent price.

We found two:

  1. A small shop with 4 tables that charges by the hour.
  2. A 3 level game shop that has many tables and charges £2 per player (after 6pm).

*Both options have there benefits.*

I guess will just have to try both and see which we prefer.


^_^ new beanie boos: Jinxy  and Scream

bonus: XD I just found my camera woop woop!

Think I might post twice tomorrow (one for anime and another for my beanie boo) .


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