Tribe Cool Crew first impression


Feels like I just watched a trailer for a game on the original playstation.

It has been a long time since the character designs of any anime have just repulsed me. These characters look like they were created by 12 year old’s not someone who spent years studying this stuff in college/university.

The animation in this show is fairly stilted however, they get past this problem by switching to cad animation anytime a dance sequence is needed (it’s really jarring the first time you see it).  But don’t panic about the animation getting worse because this anime love to reuse the same scenes over and over.

I’m guessing this anime must have been made for people with ADD; it’s filled with them cards that indicate a brake (Is that why this anime is only 20 minutes long?).

I don’t really want to watch anymore of this (it’s just music and colour).


One response

  1. Based on the screenshot I’m not impressed by the art style either.

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