Chaika –The Coffin Princess ending (reaction)

CaptureWhat did you learn today? Answer: Layla likes to go commando.  

*That honestly is the one thing  I remember about this episode.*

The best way I can describe this show is “clucky”. The story seems to feel very forced at time with very little lead up or expiation to where they are or where they are going. How do they know where the body pieces are? Why is the idea of a magical flying ship ludicrous in one episode yet, in the next episode the second army has a flying ship and no one thinks anything of it?  Is the other ship taking advantage of a mining town?

Do they use fossil fuels or magical fuel? (The sub I watched constantly switched between the two).  How does one even create fossilized magic?

I was never surprised by the plot twist because they were ether explain early on and are characters were just to dim to figure it out or  they would be set up so that a cliche scenario could play out (It’s no fun when you can predict everything that is going to happen).

*I call bull on the dragon shedding its skin (there was a fountain of blood).*

I definitely will not be watching the second season of this.


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