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TERRAFORMARS midway impression

CaptureEpisode 6 title: 2 minutes. *look at the run time* You lied!  

I’m starting to develop a huge moral problem with this anime.

Why do the humans want the planet? Answer: because earth is over populated.

Why are they killing the bugs? Answer: because they believe the planet belongs to earth.

^ There is your problem.

The beetle/roach men evolved and have lived on this planet for many years. How do you think earth would react if random aliens started appearing and trying to dominate the planet?

*But earth put a lot of hard work into making that planet habitable?*

It’s still the planet they call home.


I don’t know who the main character is and I know nothing about any of these living people (I know a lot about the dead ones).

This anime better get its act together because at the moment it’s on the edge of average going into bad territory.

La corda d’oro -Blue Sky- ending (reaction)

Capture^0^ It’s finally over!

This entire anime was painfully meh from start to finish.

The show seems to believe that if you get a lots music students together and make them bicker about there rank in the pecking order that will make for a good story.  With each complaint about rank I would say this to myself:  “why are there no teachers at this school?”

The animation is so dull, bland, non-extant, stiff and worst of all cheap.  It feels like is entire show was created with absolutely no love or passion. You could even say this was thrown together at the last second in order to release something during the spring season.

There is very little reason for me to return to a musical anime that doesn’t even take the time to compose some new songs!

Nobunaga Concerto midway impression

CaptureI love fact this anime doesn’t have a long opening (it make the episode feel considerably longer).

This vision of Nobunaga contains no boob, giant robots or Florence nightingale with a technological advanced wheelchair that stabs people (I love the fact that last one exists).

This anime feels like a normal TV drama that has been animated, not that I have a problem with that! ^_o I can just see many other anime fans getting really bored extremely fast (I actual like TV dramas based on history).

I have gotten very used to the animation style….for the most part.

*I wish this anime would avoid showing me seas and lakes (slow frame rate)*

This anime might be average but, this has be the best animated version of Nobunaga that I have seen this year.

Nanana’s Buried Treasure midway impression

CaptureThis anime’s detective music keeps making me sing “Die Die, we all pass away” (Corpse Bride).

I can easily pin point the exact problem with this anime: It has a premise and nothing ells.

Why? Who? Where? How?  4 things this anime never goes into. Why should I care about these teenagers finding Nanana’s treasure? How did Nanana obtain these magical items to begin with? Who created the magical dungeons that house these treasures? Why is nanana trapped in that room, was she killed in there?  How/where do they get the information on the locations of these chests? They ask nanana in some episodes, but for the majority of the time they just randomly know where it is (they are not that hidden if you ask me).

What is the plot of this anime? T-o I think the mane plot is trying to find out who killed Nanana (I presume).

If you want to see some teenagers go on adventures this is a fun watch however, if you want to watch a story with a beginning, middle and end don’t watch this.

The Comic Artist and His Assistants midway impression

CaptureTo long to be a short, but too short to make it onto my score list.

I would love to see one of the females kill the male lead and then have to be imprisoned for her overly violent tendencies.

I really don’t see why the male audience that this is made for is obsessed with idea of females drowning, shooting or physically/emotionally abusing them? This anime even had an S&M episode segment…which oddly didn’t work (you would think a sadist would love to have a willing victim).

How can you have a character come to the door with a whip and not give them a sense of empowerment or pleasure?  It just makes me wonder if that was how she treated everyone who didn’t want to pay up her ludicrous fee (why ells did she own the whip?).

^-0 I always take issue with the overacting females in these types of anime because they tend to overshadow the perverted acts of a male lead.

Bladedance of Elementalers midway impression

CaptureWe now return to are normal scheduled programming.

Oh “Bladedance of Elementalers”, why can’t you realize that Claire Rouge has boobs (they showed us them in the first episode). There must have been some miscommunication between the animators and the writers because they use the flat chest joke way too often.

*she clearly has boobs in the shower scene .*

For a show about a magical school that uses spirits to fight, there isn’t anything going on half of the time.  This wouldn’t be a problem if are characters where interesting but…..I honestly can’t tell them apart.

You have the blue one, the red one, the white one and the purple one (I couldn’t tell you anything ells).  It doesn’t help that 3 of the girls look almost identical just with different coloured hair.

Here is one little pet peeve of mine: Is your harem lead the alpha male or at the mercy of the females around him? PICK ONE! You can’t have no-nonsense characters suddenly turn into drooling toddlers every time you want your male lead to look manly.

Girl Friend BETA first impression

Capture“Are you ready to depart into the hallway troops?”

This anime torture! It just goes on and on and on, ahhhhh! You just pray for something to happen but never come (I never watched an anime that had bored me to the point of aggravation).

This episode was just one girl going around saying hello for approximately 20 minutes.

The introduction went on for ever during this episode. *At least you only really have to go through these introduction episodes once.* ^_^ yeh, it’s only for this one episode.

*Brings up mal *64 characters in total……64!  I can’t even get my head around that. How on earth are they going to introduce 64 characters within 12 episodes (that’s about 5-6 new introductions per episode).

I don’t care how many good voice actors are in this mess they not going to make this any less painful. To tell you the truth a lot of cute voices overstayed their welcome really quickly (I personally found Chloe Lemaire to be the worst).


 Is that very little person meant to be a toddler/infant or a very realistic doll?

why there was no post 24/10/2014 (Friday)

I was really ill (strait up answer).

Vomiting all morning and…T-o let’s just say on the toilet.

It hurt to move and found myself immobilized in bed for most of the day (couldn’t even go to work).

I kept braking into sweat (you know it’s bad when you can smell yourself).

I should be able to get back into blogging today.

Parasyte -the maxim- first impression

CaptureYou don’t see many 17 year old protagonists.

This anime has people’s gust hanging upon washing lines yet, terraformars can’t show squished heads….why?  For an anime filled with gore and disturbing imagery it actually has an interesting story with a down to earth main character.

We don’t know much about what’s going on at the moment outside of parasitic worms that take over the body of their host by eating the brain. Our main character managed to stop the creature form climbing any higher than his arm forcing the creature to develop where it was. He now has a smart alien hand who wants his host to stay alive so that he can live on; to help him survive he fights off other parasites that would find his host a tasty meal.

You can really believe that this 17 year old lives a normal life in a real world that would honesty be freaked out if dead bodies started turning up everywhere.

additional: episode 3: A guys head has just turned into many arms and you wondering where he got the knifes? 

*O_O I can’t believe my eyes! Is that a smart phone and a tablet (screw flip phones and newspapers).*

I’m going to need to watch more episodes before I can give you my proper impression of this strange anime.

100 followers O_O Thank you!

Thank you for all of your support! icysquirrel holding dango bunny

 If you told me that I would ever have 100 followers on any form of media I would have laughed you off. In fact! When I made this blog DB made a bet with me.

*I had 3-5 followers at the time*

DB: “If you can get 100 followers I will take you out for dinner.”

Lea: “I will never reach that.”


DB: “You’re halfway there.”

Lea: “I’m content with 50 followers”


Lea:*texts DB* “I just hit 100 woop woop!”

DB: “^_^ where do you want to go eat?”

It has been an amazing ride with loads of up and downs (February-June were dark times) but I’m glad I stuck to it. Without the help of my many followers I would have given up on this blog a long time ago, you are the blood that keeps this blog alive and I’m extremely thankful for all of the support you have given me.

^_o Like I said at 50 followers: “Hope I can keep you guys moderately happy in the future.