Captain Earth 25% impression

CaptureThat was brilliant.

This has to be the first anime in a long time that has made want to watch what happens next. I can finally understand all the commotion that surrounded this show when it first aired (there we load of blog post about it).

I really don’t like that annoying squirrel ball creature! Its voice just sounds like a 30-40 year old woman making silly noises into the microphone.

The story it slowly progressing with each of the characters getting their own episode explaining their current saturations and how this war affects them…..and that worries me. Personally I believe that character development should happen progressively though the show not in isolated episodes concentrating on the one character (I see them as get out of jail free cards).

*There is no need to rush character devolvement when you have 25 episodes.*

Guess I now need to prepare myself for the second half (this show went silent when they started to air the second half).   I really don’t want to dislike this anime. TT_TT

p.s. It’s going to take me forever to finish this show (anime’s with more then 12 episode don’t work well with my viewing system).


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