TERRAFORMARS first impression

Capturewhat am I even looking at?

That is some bad censorship!  *It honestly affects your viewing experience.*

I found myself singing “black hole sun” (by soundgarden) during the first half of this thanks to its unsettling visuals…..and they think it’s the blood that’s going turn people off??? .

Here is my synopsis of the plot so far:  random guy found, joins army and now fights giant cockroaches.

It has that strange 90’s tough guy feel that you don’t usually see in modern day anime due to the low demand (sometimes your better off playing it safe).  I kind of feel sorry for this anime due to the fact that modern-day standards for television censorship makes it nearly impossible to reach the badass destruction that 90’s anime would reach.

XD I want to see the demon man pull out the bears insides in a fountain of blood!

Anime logic: huge bouncing boobs and *woop!* shots are ok.Crotches, nipples and gore are bad.

*What’s embarrassing/rude about the nipples? *

I’m interested to see where they take this show in the coming months.

p.s Y_Y I would be will to pay my streaming service a little bit extra if they could get rid of thee annoying censorship.


One response

  1. I….I… think I see a hand… or something… someone lying down dead, probably…. (squinting eyes) Umm… THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR ME!
    (cries in corner)

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