Wolf Girl and Black Prince first impression


Why is Erika’s voice annoying me? *look up actor on mal* Answer: it’s the voice of Amu from “shugo chara”.   TT_TT The voice cast sound’s like they are more used to voicing children’s show.

Who is this anime aimed at? *looks it up* answer: Shōjo 

* My analysis abilities just leveled up. *

This anime got a couple of laughs out me…….and that about it.

I always find the recurring themes in young anime aimed at females to be questionable and slightly worrying at time (guess it’s a cultural thing).

I should be watching this with this viewpoint: XD she has to do everything he says in order to have friends. I wonder what goofy stuff he will make her do in the next episode.

Too bad my actual viewpoint is: she is being manipulated by a demanding nut job that has the entire school eating out of his hand (he is the prince). She doesn’t have many friends and if he was to put her in danger no one would believe her (the guy has more credibility).

*sigh* I need to lay back and let the show do its thing.


One response

  1. I never understood the appeal of these type of anime. The guy(s) are complete d-bags and the girls are swooning over them…because they’re pretty??. *throws hands in the air*.

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