Soranowoto midway impression

CaptureFor a slice of life friendship show there isn’t much of ether.

I have been holding off doing midways impression because I didn’t know how I would describe this show.  The character act like they have strong personalities but, we don’t really get too see them shine because the episodes never have a plot that allows for extensive/interesting character interaction.

Each episode was relaxing, but I couldn’t tell you what happened in each episode (nothing of substance happened).

I did start laughing when the old guy in the church told Kanata the backstory of the little orphan girl. XD Imagine it this way: An old guy randomly walks up to you and starts telling you the life story of the random person you just met (There was no lead up and you didn’t provoke him). How would you react in this saturation?

There is something really important missing from this show and I just can’t put my finger on it.



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