JOKER first impression

Capture^-o They seem to be having a lot of fun voicing these characters.

Hay, hay! Ho, ho! We all scream for kodomo!

This anime managed to surprise me by having voice actors that didn’t just sound like an obnoxious squealing robot rodents.  The fact that you can hear the playful joy everyone’s voice really helps to emphasize the goofiness of theses over the top scenarios (I could imagine the grin on the people who were told to play rock, paper, scissors into that microphone.)

*It’s that age old line “somebody had to voice that”*

There was nothing I would consider inappropriate for a children’s cartoon (I have seen some vulgar things get into children’s cartoons) plus I didn’t feel like the show was talking down to children in a condescending manner.

 ^_o It’s nice to be able to look forward to some over the top fun during the week.


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