When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace first impression

CaptureWhat does this anime have against the black flame??  It gives off no light, very cold and best of all it doesn’t need oxygen (extremely destructive and hard to extinguish).  *sigh* If the show says it’s a useless power I must accept it as so.    

*technically the move Dark and Dark isn’t a flame (lets leave the semantics alone for now) *

This anime is about some high school kids that get magical powers (short and sweet).

What is there to say about this show……no really, what is there to say about this show? In this first episode we were introduced to everyone and shown there powers…..that’s it.

One of the student council members tried to antagonize these students and failed (not very interesting). The student council member’s power did raise a big question in my head:  How does one discover they can steal powers when you are the only person in the school with powers? (She discovers the superpower students after she discovered her own powers apparently).

Hopefully the pacing will improve with latter episodes (it’s an interesting concept).


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