The Fruit of Grisaia first impression

CaptureLet me guess, this anime is based on a visual novel.*bingo* U-U  

Everything looks so stiff! Don’t get me started on their cold dead eyes (they are staring into my soul).

Everyone in this anime seems to have been created in a lab for every line that exists their mouths sound unnaturally forced. ^_o I can kind of understand why the voices in games can feel a little unnatural (they are separate sound files that you individually activated) however, anime’s don’t have to worry about what the players will choose (The scripted is kind of set in stone).

*why adapt a visual novel if your not willing to make the stills come alive.*

We have been introduced to all of the girls and we now get to choose who we want to pursue (the conquest must proceed as planned).

Our main charterer is a bland robot who has been programmed to interact with a select group of girls in a “normal” school (only 5 students in this school and they are all girls).

The only thing that is of note during this episode is the ending where we discover that all of the girls have some kind of creepy secret that they are keeping from the main male lead.



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