Haikyu!! 25% impression

CaptureI hate shows that have more than 12 episodes (they have to make it through my middle list 3 times).  *anime i’m watching*

What are my thought on this sports anime? It’s average.

There hasn’t been any real stand out moment’s that have made me go “I didn’t see that coming!”  I have been able to read this sports anime like a book since it started.  So and so is going through a problem that will be sorted by the end of the episode, oh no a tall guy is joining the game, what will we do about explosive personality quirks?

*everything feels so average and predictable.*

The characters are entertaining to watch however, I don’t feel like any of them have a “character” outside of being the grumpy one, the hot headed one and the short one at this point in the anime (We know that the short one is being inspired by a team of short volleyball players…..and that’s about it).  I want to know why these people play volleyball and how they got introduced to the game (I need to become more attached to these people).

T-o I find myself thinking about muscle strain a lot when watching this anime thanks to the lack of warm up excises before practice/official games.



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  1. I use to feel the same way about sports animes and never really watched or read them, but Haikyuu!! was about volleyball which I love so I gave it a chance and absolutely loved it. It really gets good once the tournament starts up, which should be soon. More will be revealed then. Hope you stick with it though and enjoy it. 🙂

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