Gugure! Kokkuri-san first impression

Capture                                            ^-^ finally an anime that fits my sense of humour.

This Anime is about a girl who thinks she is a doll and a fox god.

It’s very hard to express ones views on comedy anime for each show will be hit or miss depending on your particular sense of humour. Personally I find that pointing out the obvious can lead too just as many funny moments as tell or setting up a huge gags.

I didn’t really pay much attention to the music and the animation felt very average for a show of this genre.

*There will be no midway impression for this anime (comedy anime don’t tend to have long over arching plots).* 


4 responses

  1. The new episode(ep 2) came out on the 12th of October! I’m watching it too.
    Ep 2 has more characters and (HINT) more animals and moar MOE!*squeals*
    And (SPOILER ALERT) there will be a new stalker(if one considers Kokkuri-san one, but he isn’t half bad, i tell ya!)

    1. watched it!
      I’m putting dates on them so I can finally attempt to keep up with a season (I’m always 3 season behind).

      ^_o He’s evilly cute.

      1. The new episode(ep3) just came out on 19th October…
        Watched it just now. Simply loving that humour and moe~

      2. ^_^ for some reason a lot of anime streaming on cruchy updates on Sunday (finally got round to watching it).

        I love the scene where Kokkuri-san is walking Inugami.

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