Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru first impression

CaptureXD Watch the anime before reading this!

More, more, more! I’m getting the same excited feeling that magical shows used to give me when i was little.

^-o I was bouncing up and down in my chair shouting at the screen “kill that monster!”.  Do you have any idea how long it has been since an anime has made me that excited during its first/any episode.

This anime had me completely fooled into thinking it was slice of life comedy until BANG! It just submerges you into this bountiful pool of colour. O_O I was just staring at the screen in complete shock and confusion until I realised that this was in fact a magical girl show.

The music doesn’t over power the action on screen and the visuals don’t distract are attention away for what we are supposed to be looking at.

^-^ The person who decided combine slice of life with magical girls was a genius!

*They made me care about characters who I just met 15 minutes ago.*

I think the only people who are really going to hate this show are going to be madoka fans.

Sailor moon fans like to say any magical warrior show is a rip off and now madoka fan shall pass on that legacy by saying any magical girls show that want to take itself  seriously is a rip off (the circle of life goes on).

*It’s wrong to be inspired by cool concepts.*


^_^ I want to hug him.


2 responses

    Shame I don’t watch enough. ;_;

  2. Did not expect this show to take that turn at all. I do need to watch some more of the magical girl genre. The animations are insanely good and that does help a lot in making me want to watch.

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