Yona of the Dawn first impression

CaptureI can finally watch this anime! 

While watching this anime I realised it shared a lot of problems that I had with an anime called “The world is still beautiful” (Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii). After doing some research I have discovered that both shows were made by the same Producers (I’m talking about Studio Pierrot and VAP).

Only one sentence need to be said for anime like this: “Who was this meant to be aimed at?”

When I look at the poster and the story lines within this anime I can see a deep emotional tale of a princess trying to find her way in the real world however, you had to go and ruin it by have that one immature kid make fart noises during a dramatic death scene.

There is no need to have so many comedy moments in a show that wants you take its plot/story seriously.  Do you honestly think that your audience will lose interest if one of the characters has a deep moment of reflection that isn’t followed up by an over the top chibi moment?

The two flavours just don’t blend.


3 responses

  1. You should watch Mirai Nikki or maybe Sword Art Online. SAO is really nice and Mirai Nikki has a great storylinen

    1. watched SAO (it’s the first anime that I logged).

      I can’t seem to find a legal stream of Mirai Nikki (it’s not even on region 2 dvd).

      I can even find the manga in English.

      1. hm thats weird…
        But i watched it awhile ago so maybe they took it down.
        Pity. 😦

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