SHIROBAKO first impression

CaptureT-o I’m watching an anime about making an anime… they animated an anime about animating an anime……my head is blown.

There are a lot of tricks when it comes to reaching dead lines in the world of animation and they don’t bring up one of them in this episode (Unless the scene is extremely important to understanding the context of a moment there will be ways of getting round it).

If I was an animator watching my anime go live for the first time I would be staring at it diligently looking for mistakes and imperfections (I would most likely be yelling at people/congratulating them on how the episode turned out).

*It’s simple evaluation.*

Before anyone asks, yes! I have experience in animating thanks to art college and I know just how how much agonizing work has to go into producing each episode (O_O it was hell).

One man alone can’t produce a 30 minutes animation, it takes a team of hard working people doing all of there jobs correctly in order to give the project life.


One response

  1. I just do scripts by myself but if any were made to be animated, I couldn’t do it alone…
    (looks behind with wind in face)

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