Girl Friend BETA first impression

Capture“Are you ready to depart into the hallway troops?”

This anime torture! It just goes on and on and on, ahhhhh! You just pray for something to happen but never come (I never watched an anime that had bored me to the point of aggravation).

This episode was just one girl going around saying hello for approximately 20 minutes.

The introduction went on for ever during this episode. *At least you only really have to go through these introduction episodes once.* ^_^ yeh, it’s only for this one episode.

*Brings up mal *64 characters in total……64!  I can’t even get my head around that. How on earth are they going to introduce 64 characters within 12 episodes (that’s about 5-6 new introductions per episode).

I don’t care how many good voice actors are in this mess they not going to make this any less painful. To tell you the truth a lot of cute voices overstayed their welcome really quickly (I personally found Chloe Lemaire to be the worst).


 Is that very little person meant to be a toddler/infant or a very realistic doll?


3 responses

  1. Same. I personally found the show boring, hoping it improves with further episodes (uvu*)

  2. Toradora and Special A are great animes—All episodes are on Youtube!
    By the way, Mirai Nikki is available on Youtube. You can just search for Mirai Nikki episode 1 and so on, or search for Future Diary because thats the english meaning of Mirai Nikki.

    1. ^_o I can watch Toradora (crunchy has the dub).

      I don’t watch anime on youtube anymore (can’t stand the bad quality).
      You should always strive to get the legal DVD or stream of said show (it’s not as if i have a small library of legal anime to choose from).

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