The Comic Artist and His Assistants midway impression

CaptureTo long to be a short, but too short to make it onto my score list.

I would love to see one of the females kill the male lead and then have to be imprisoned for her overly violent tendencies.

I really don’t see why the male audience that this is made for is obsessed with idea of females drowning, shooting or physically/emotionally abusing them? This anime even had an S&M episode segment…which oddly didn’t work (you would think a sadist would love to have a willing victim).

How can you have a character come to the door with a whip and not give them a sense of empowerment or pleasure?  It just makes me wonder if that was how she treated everyone who didn’t want to pay up her ludicrous fee (why ells did she own the whip?).

^-0 I always take issue with the overacting females in these types of anime because they tend to overshadow the perverted acts of a male lead.


3 responses

  1. Actually, some are getting tired of the girl bashing guy scenario. Its as you’ve mentioned “to overshadow” the acts of the male lead. Swap it around and you wind up with things like: “The guy is abusing the poor girl, why the hell did they make this? This is offensive” Kind of questions popping up. Like this is no different, lol

    1. XD You worded my exact problem with this show perfectly.

      1. And surprisingly there is some guys out there who will agree with it too 🙂

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