update T-o fascinating at that.

I’m not into gamrgate but, I’m into Dungeons & Dragons which is owned by wizards of the coast.

I Googled: dungeons and dragons sexism (^-o  you sometimes find interesting stories).

T-o i found a random post about  Magic: The Gathering.

This one in piratical fascinated me.


Some players, like Canadian Andy Bruce, have had to create tournaments specifically for players who identify as female due to feeling unwanted at major events.

who identify as female”

They are not woman who have female sexual organs, they identify them self’s as female and that is how you should see them.

Are transsexual’s allowed to join this event that allows players “who identify as female” or are they banned because they were born misogynistic males?

Sexism: or gender discrimination is prejudice or discrimination based on a person’s sex or gender.

objectification : the act of treating people as if they are objects, without rights or feelings of their own.

T_O You want illustrations of woman to have more rights??? if you trade a card are you treating her as an object???? O_O Is it wrong to make these poor creatures/people  fight ageist there will???

Woman in old mythology where usually depicted beautiful temptresses that would lead men too their deaths (context is important in these situations).


“In the art, like the female planeswalkers, they are all pretty white,” Bruce said. “If WotC [Wizards of the Coast] were really committed to improving the representation of women they would improve the representation of all women. Not just thin, able bodied, white women.”

T-o I thought we were talking about the sexual depiction of woman as a whole (why are they  debating about race?).

homogenous: female clientele slunk into the side room to play Boggle as the main room filled up with monsters, spells, and a gravy-like scent of body odor.

 Homogenous? what dose that mean?

homologous: pairing at meiosis and having the same structural features and pattern of genes. 

^_^ it’s nice to see a sexist joke in an article against sexism.

T-o why are they playing Boggle? Did they forget to bring their magical gathering cards?

It’s one thing to be exclude because of gender, it’s another if you expect someone ells to build a deck for you because of your gender (it’s worded as if none of the females brought cards).

This entire article comes off very confusing? one moment it’s saying woman are being excluded/victimized and then you flip to : they are in the back room playing boggle wondering why there are not more different races in this game I find objectifies woman.


It’s sad that these old fashioned views on assigned gender rolls are still pressuring people to act and be viewed a particular way.

^-o  This has just been something on my mind for awhile now.

what do you guys think?


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