Aldnoah Zero ending (reaction)

CaptureI don’t know how to feel about that ending?

I loved the action in this anime but……..that can only get you so far.

This anime at its core is just another mecha about a corrupt government that is tricking it people into a war. T_o oh look a boy is here to save us from the evil bad guys that always tell us there plans even when there is no logical reason to say anything.

*I really enjoyed the chemistry of the privileged bimbo princess and emotionally dead hero guy.*

XD At least this mecha managed to keep me awake (Majestic Prince is highly rated and that sends me to sleep in seconds).

Let’s talk about that ending.

While watching this show three conclusions went through my head :

  1. The heroes would win and the show will randomly end.

  2. We found out that Inaho Kaizuka and Slaine Troyard are brothers (show randomly ends).
  3. Everyone dies and the show randomly ends.

To say I was surprised by that ending would be a complete lie.

The twist at the ending left me speechless because it came out of nowhere (dark twist for the sake of having one) and was accompanied with eeriness sounds of cold wind blowing thought that credits (you half expected to see “The end” pop up on screen).


One response

  1. SOOOOO expecting Inaho to be alive when the second season rolls around in January.

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