HaNaYaMaTa ending (reaction)

CaptureT-o I dislike anime that try and force drama during the last 2 episodes.

Do you know what’s really wired? This anime follows the exact plot of k-on, it  just has different characters and a dance club (they are both written by the same person).

 In k-on the girls are trying to make a band so that why can enter a rock contest.

In Hanayamata the girls create a dance club so that they can enter a dance contest.

The managed to achieve its goal making each of the girls endearing thanks to their hardships/misunderstandings. Each of the girls learns a lesson about life in their own special ways, this helps to strengthen team spirit and the bond of friendship/trust that is needed to dance in front of hundreds of people.

^-o It’s nice to watch cute endearing anime in order to break up the depressing story driven shows released each season (I need some slow fluff once in a while).


One response

  1. Sounds like the writer didn’t go out of his comfort zone when penning this.

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