DENKI-GAI midway impression

CaptureIs this anime funny?  My answer: no.

*plenty of facepalming but no laugh out loud moments.* 

If this anime was more like “servant x service” and actually focused on the running of a manga shop I think this show would be a lot more entertaining. T-o You might be asking: “Isn’t that what this show is about?”  kind of???? The show is so desperate for laughs that it will ignore its own established logic for a giggle.

Anime: “We are all here to help you reach your dead line.”

Me: “who is running the store?”

A shirtless man is unwholesome yet, frilly panties with a display model that blows up a shirt is perfectly ok.

This anime did get me thinking about the lack of variation when it comes to ladies underwear in anime; There are no thongs, granny pants, shorts or that strange underwear that goes up to the bottom of your boobs and sucks the belly in.

I feel oddly angry????? Why dose ones sexual organs have to dictate how others perceive you?

You’re not a real man if you don’t do this/you’re not a real woman if you don’t do that, Why does it matter?  Or the better question: why do you care?

^-o *sorry, this has just been a topic that has been eating away at the back of my neck.*


I have very mixed feelings when it comes to this anime (the tone of this show bounces around too much).



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