Celestial Method midway impression

CaptureI don’t understand the character motivations in this anime! XD

What has this magical saucer ever done to these people? As far as we the viewer’s know this thing has done nothing outside of being a bit of an eye sore. I can’t understand all of the anger directed at Nonoka Komiya if you’re not willing to explain any further then childhood grudges.

Yuzuki Mizusaka hates the magical saucer because she associates it with an accident her brother got into because of her own negligence……T-o that still doesn’t explain why she hates the magical saucer (outside of it looking strange).  She didn’t like the saucer before this accident happened, meaning there has to be another reason why she dislikes this thing in the sky.


T_o in short: she hated Nonoka because she hates looking at the magical saucer.

Let’s simplify:  You hate a kid in your class because they have a mushroom backpack and you hate fungi, Dose that give you the right to nasty towards that child?


I also don’t understand all this talk of trickery????  In the flashback where all the children are summoning this thing they all seem to legitimately agree to help Nonoka make her wish (they all knew what they were doing).  They all took part in the ritual meaning all of them should take some of the blame for the magical saucer existence.

They better explain why Shione Togawa dislikes Nonoka in a lot more depth in the coming episodes.


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