The Fruit of Grisaia midway impression

Capture This episode has to be the worst of them all (it wants you to take it seriously). *.crunchyroll sub*

This show can be incredibly touching and has a fascinating animation style however, if you were to take 3 steps backwards you will see just how overly silly some of these episodes get.

Let’s go back to episodes 4-5 for a moment. I’m not going to say they were not sad but, I want you to think about what happened in a little more detail.

This school was designed to keep these crazy students locked inside so that they can be monitored by hundreds of cameras that have been placed everywhere (established in the first episode confirmed in episode 6). Why have high walls and hundreds of cameras if you are going to allow these unstable people to walk around outside the premises?

Why did this building even have to be a school? These girls need be in a Psychiatric ward not a school with loads of empty class rooms.

^_^ why one line in episode 5 destroys all the logic and sense.

You would be very dehydrated after 3 days without water (it hard to explain the effects of the body).  

You would have ran out of oxygen way before the 3rd day.

O_O 3 days stewing in your own filth (stuck in a box with nowhere to go).

Sensory deprivation would have kicked in way before she came to terms with her issues (^-^ look at the pretty colours).


I understand it was very sweet that she has the heart of her best friend…however, are you telling me those doctors looked at a suicide victim that has just fallen from a tall building and said: “don’t let her organs to waste.”  They didn’t know they were friends.


Will the funding for this building stop now that he thinks she is dead?

where did they get the body that was put in the grave?

Nobody questioned how the body was fully intact after a grenade explosion?

T-o 1. How does one order a grenade in the mail?

  1. Why doesn’t this school inspect their mail?
  2. Where did she get the money to buy a grenade and a gun?

This is a dramatic anime…’s just sad that one can poke more hauls into then a wheel of Swiss cheese into these sub plots.


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