Momo Kyun Sword ending (reaction)

Capture^-o Episode 1: set up

Episodes 2-8: pointless filler that has nothing to do with the premise of the show.

Episodes 9-12: fighting and yelling.

The last 3 episodes where easier to watch then episodes 2-8 but……U-U you can’t have a long run of insane episodes and then expect your audience to take you seriously in the last 3.

I could help but giggle when the 2 sisters had a montage that consisted of two scenes (found a lost item and they eat rice together), ^_^ can’t you feel the strong bond they have.

XD I love how the introduction of the core makes episodes 2-8 even more pointless then they originally were (there is no reason to watch them).

*watch them if you are a fan of random nonsense.*

This might not have been a good show but, it was a fun entertaining show (anime junk food).


2 responses

  1. What is she wearing? Is she some sort of princess or something?

    1. she is an sexy interpretation of momotaro (the boy born from a peach).
      ^_^ “she was bless with lovey peaches” (quote from episode 1)

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