World Trigger first impression


Still frames everywhere!  Y_Y I expect way better animation from Toei.

When this show want fancy it goes all out showing you sparkles and pure child like magic fly across the screen however, you quickly discover how they paid for them small segments of animation.

Do you know what animation is supposed to do? You are supposed to trick the mind into thinking that the image that I’m looking at is actually alive and moving freely. T_T I have honestly seen animated manga’s (which is a thing) that have more life then the people that populate this planet.

*You would think toei would have lot of money seeing as they have been whoring out the sailor moon licence to every tom, dick and harry.*

What is this show about? T-o monsters appear and there is a boy from a different world…..that’s all I know.  For an episode that is supposed to establish the situation it sure loves to waste your sweet time by doing nothing a good 20 minutes (even shorter if we deducted all of the pointless no speaking still frames).

I expected a lot more from this anime.


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